We invite you to go on an unforgettable journey through the menu developed by the chef of the Górski Diament Restaurant, Marek Dudziak

The dishes are prepared with the utmost care and diligence, and based on carefully selected ingredients, that are always fresh, natural and healthy.

Waiting time for main courses is about 25-30 minutes



Beef tenderloin tartare

Fried red pine mushroom/onion/butter/garlic

Shrimps/butter/garlic/basil/white wine



Duck salad

Mozzarella salad



Traditional chicken broth with home-made noodles

Creamy horseradish soup/potato pancake/crisp bacon

Venison goulash soup


Cold cuts platter

Regional cold cuts

Italian cold cuts


Meat dishes

Chicken breast/spinach bread/sweet potato mousse/ginger sauce

Bone-in pork chop/potato puree/boiled cabbage

Roast duck/red cabbage jam/dumplings

Goose leg/carrot-ginger puff/chestnut mousse/cranberry sauce

Beef tenderloin/potato casserole/fried
vegetables/roasted garlic sauce or pepper sauce

Apple cider lamb/stuffed cabbage with groats/beetroot mousse

Burger with pulled beef


Fish dishes

Gilt-head bream/tomato risotto/roasted kohlrabi/leek sauce


Vegetarian dishes




Baked apple

Apple pie with ice cream

Chocolate souffle

Chocolate ice cream with hot raspberry sauce

Fundacja Księstwa Góralskiego
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