We invite you to go on an unforgettable journey through the menu developed by the chef of the Górski Diament Restaurant, Marek Dudziak

The dishes are prepared with the utmost care and diligence, and based on carefully selected ingredients, that are always fresh, natural and healthy.

Waiting time for main courses is about 25-30 minutes



Beef tenderloin tartare PLN 45.00

Fried saffron milk caps, butter, onion, garlic, parsleyPLN 38.00

Matjes herring, beetroot & plum confiture, avocado mousse PLN 38.00

Roasted cauliflower pâté, beetroot jellyPLN 30.00

Regional platter PLN 60.00

Italian platter PLN 60.00



Duck saladPLN 42.00

Salmon salad PLN 42.00

Parma ham salad PLN 42.00



Broth with noodles/kolduny (dumplings)PLN 28.00

Red borscht, kolduny (dumplings) PLN 28.00

Sauerkraut cream, baked truffle potatoes, PLN 28.00

Bacon twists


Main course

Guinea fowl breast, spinach strudel, polenta with porcinis,

gorgonzola sauce

PLN 70.00

Pork chop with a bone,

mashed potatoes, boiled cabbage

65.00 PLN

Beef cheeks, mustard purée, baked vegetables,

sticky bun sauce

PLN 75.00

Roast duck/red cabbage confiture/dumplings

80.00 PLN

Saddle of venison, dumplings with porcinis, spinach puff,

red onion confiture, cherry sauce

PLN 100.00

Podhale lamb, spinach flatbread, Oscypek (smoked cheese) puffs,

grape and red cabbage mousse

90.00 PLN

Beef tenderloin, green pepper sauce or saffron milk cap sauce, grilled vegetables

150.000 PLN

Sea bass, parsley mousse,

groats and spinach cutlets, crayfish saucePLN 75.00

Cod tenderloin, parsley risotto,

balsamic beets,martini sauce

80.00 PLN

Pasta with shrimps

65.00 PLN

Spinach gnocchi, leek sauce

PLN 50.00



Chocolate soufflé with lemon & mint sorbet

PLN 35.00

Apple strudel with custard

PLN 30.00

Cheesecake with English sauce

PLN 30.00

Fruit crumble with ice cream

PLN 30.00

Hot apple pie with ice cream

PLN 35.00

Pear in red wine with almond mousse

PLN 35.00

Ice cream sundae

PLN 30.00

Pavlova cake

PLN 30.00


PLN 30.00

Raspberry dream

PLN 30.00

Chia dessert

PLN 25.00

Crème brûlée

PLN 25.00

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