Dear Traveller, if you are looking for new, original flavours, dishes

that will seduce both the palate and eyes, but also if you are looking for interiors that delight with exquisite splendour with a nod to noble highland tradition, then … you’ve come to the right place!

Górski Diament Restaurant is a unique meeting place and an unforgettable journey along the culinary paths where our chef, Marek Dudziak is the guide.

Tastes are our constant love and passion that we share with our Dear Guests. As Sophia Loren used to say: “Cooking is an act of love, a gift, a way to share small secrets with others.”



So try, Dear Traveller, our European dishes served in a modern, but sophisticated way. In these dishes you will find the highest quality, natural and full of health ingredients, because they come from proven suppliers, carefully selected flavours seasoned with highlander, pure and sincere feelings.
In our menu there will also be something for a person both with a vegetarian preference and a person who is on a gluten-free diet.

The interiors of Górski Diament Restaurant have been designed by prominent architects from Zakopane, to create an atmosphere of cosiness and uncompromising beauty. We took care of the atmosphere, warm, original interiors, where every traveller can feel as a welcome guest.

We invite you to our Restaurant to enjoy a joint meal with friends, to organise a festive breakfast or Sunday afternoon with the family, to spellbind business partners, meet at birthday parties, christenings or simply to take a break from the rush of everyday life.

Fundacja Księstwa Góralskiego
Podtrzymujemy i upowszechniamy góralską tradycję.